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Nestled in the community of Lakemont, Lake Rabun real estate is considered a top twenty market for lake homes and lake lots in Georgia. Lake Burton is the largest lake in the county… Read More. Lake Rathbun has zebra mussels so make sure to properly drain, clean and dry equipment before transporting to another waterbody. Lake Rabun is a little smaller and doesn’t have as many houses. Lake Burton. Please contact our office at 864-682-3250– Option 2 or toll free at 800-358-3445 regarding fees and available dates. New Price, $325,000. It’s remote with hardly any traffic. Phone: 706-746-1450 Fax: 706-746-1464 The current lake level is 904.03 msl with 904 msl being recreation pool. Jeff Jackson Lake Resources Manager … Lake Seed is the smallest of the three main lakes in Rabun County. From experience Burton is a physical larger lake, has more nice houses, and is usually pretty busy. ... Corporate Level Businesses, Professional Musicians and Artist, Professional and Personal Bloggers, Educators, Financial Experts, Medical Facilities. Seed Lake. US Dept of Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Weather Service Don’t think theres as much to do. No drawdown until November 2020 Tallulah Falls Lake. This is a rare and superior 4 Acre building lot in the quiet waters of Lake Rabun. The Corps of Engineers have pulled their boat docks and their campgrounds and ramps are closed. Lake Rabun is located in the Northeast Georgia Mountains in the small town and village of Lakemont, Georgia www.lakemontgeorgia.org. Lake Levels Around Georgia. While not as large as Lake Burton, Rabun offers water skiing, fishing, and wonderful afternoon cruises. Cheryl Parker Sr. Lake Resources Specialist 706-746-1463 706-754-7972. May 1, 2020 – normal summer pool Lake Seed No drawdown until January 2021 Lake Rabun. Lake Burton. Lake Burton was built in the early 1900s, and like Lake Rabun, Lake Seed, and three other lakes, it was built to provide hydroelectric power to Atlanta. There are typically 30 lake homes for sale on Lake Rabun at any given time. State owned ramps are still open. Lake Rabon Rules NORTH GEORGIA LAKE RESOURCES OFFICE. Families have been building memories and community on Lake Rabun … There is only one small public boat ramp. The lake will usually have 30 or so lake … The Lake is open seven days a week from sunrise to sunset. February 1, 2020 – starts up. Sr. Lake Resources Specialist 706-746-1457. Reservations are required for the use of the picnic shelters. Lake Rabun at an elevation of 1689 feet , with a surface area of 835 acres and 25 miles of , is the second largest lake in the six lake chain. Lake Seed sits between the two. 4 Seed Lake Road Lakemont, GA 30552. November 1, 2019 – starts down to 7’ feet below normal summer pool. March 1, 2020 – within 5’ feet of normal pool. Lake Rabun, Georgia. It’s not quite Lanier level busy but during the summer it’s packed. All facilities are handicap accessible. No Drawdown until January 2021 Lake Yonah

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